Friday, December 02, 2016

Iceland's wonderful holiday tradition

Yesterday I worked on large timbers for a dining table, continuing with the forming of mortise and tenon joints. Tomorrow in addition to teaching at the Clear Spring School, I will begin setting up a display of my books, cabinets, sculpture and boxes for a holiday sale at the Lux Weaving Studio on Saturday, from 4-8PM.

Iceland has a wonderful holiday tradition that my wife has taken up here, and that I suggest for my readers as well. On the night of Christmas eve, Icelanders exchange books as gifts, leading to long hours of reading in the night.

Jólabókaflóð in Icelandic refers to the Christmastime flood of books. In Iceland, it seems that almost all books are published at Christmastime when they have the greatest sales. There are not so many readers of Icelandic, so the annual flood makes sense. Consisting of fewer than 600 new books, the flood is a great way to keep their unique language and culture alive. In the spirit of that tradition, I'll offer my own flood of books. Just in case you need to buy my new book Tiny Boxes, Here's a link.

To qualify for free shipping from the Taunton Press Store, you will need to spend $25.00 or more. To make a sweet deal, and meet the requirement for free shipping, add my book Building Small Cabinets, which is currently on sale for 1/2 price.

To sweeten the deal even more, take 10% off, using the promotion code "Taunton1" as described in the banner add below. Then to raise the tide in your own flood, you will find even more of my books there with special discounts. Use the search function at the top of the page and type in "Doug Stowe."

Have your own flood of books. Acquire the instructional books that set your hands and mind in motion for the coming years. Do not forget to use the code "Taunton1" for an extra 10% off.

Make, fix, create, and insist that others have the opportunity to learn likewise.


  1. Doug- Thanks for the new book. I had preordered it on Amazon and received a message this morning that it has shipped and that it will arrive on Saturday (tomorrow). My wife doesn't always know what to buy me for Christmas, so I think I will let her wrap this one up for me.

    The book cover reminded me of a very small box I once purchased while on vacation. It had designs on the top similar to some on the cover. It was really small - about enough room to place a few quarters. I used it to house a couple really small sand dollars that we found on the beach. I think I purchased the tiny box at the Union (train) station in Washington D.C. Do you sign the boxes that you make?

  2. Joe, if the box from DC has a small heart stamped on the bottom it would be from Heartwood Creations. If it is signed in pen with my name, it would be mine. I've sold my boxes at Appalachian Spring Gallery for about 20 years. So it might be one of mine, or more likely one of theirs.

  3. Joe, also,
    Thanks for ordering my Tiny Boxes book.