Saturday, December 10, 2016

box drawings...

I have begun working on drawings to illustrate my box guitar book. Sketchup Make is my program of choice. The version I use is free and gives me enormous capacity to convey useful information to readers and to the illustrators for my books and articles. Like everything else in life, using it is part of the process of knowing it. The brain can serve as a repository for useless information, but use is what anchors ideas in the mind, and helps us to determine whether or not it's worth keeping in the first place.

Our democracy is poised on a precariously edge. It is becoming clear that while Trump won the election on a razor's edge of votes in key states, interference by the FBI director and Russian agents both played important roles in pushing the Trump candidacy over the top. Would it be right to allow Donald Trump to take the office of president under such circumstances? We will find out. And regardless of what happens in the Donald Trump escapade, one way or the other, the nation will suffer from the stupidity.

In the meantime, I've announced the holiday challenge, open to participants in last summer's box making class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. Winners will be announced in January. The competition is simple. Make a box, send photos, win prizes. While I'm at it, should I have a contest open to a wider audience?

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood that others are inspired to learn likewise

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  1. Hi Doug

    I really think that you should have a contest open to a wider audience.
    I have no idea about the amount of work involved in organizing such an event, so I guess it is easy for me to say.