Saturday, December 17, 2016

in the wood shop...

I am off from school for the coming week, so will get extra time in the wood shop. I am forming large tenons on the beam that holds two trestles together to form a table base. Because these tenons are 7 inches long, they cannot be formed in the usual way. I've been using the plunge router and guides. One guide is clamped in place and the others are added as spacers to create a series of routed grooves, tha tcan then be easily worked into a flat plane.

I tell people that box making is a good way to build skills, useful in other woodworking projects, and while that's true, there's a distinct difference between working with large pieces of walnut, and the thin materials used for box sides.

I am also making a demonstration box for a hinge review in Fine Woodworking and working on a new version of my website. In addition, it's that time of year to ship a few items to shoppers., so I have just renewed some of my boxes available for purchase on

Make, fix, create, and through your example, encourage others to learn likewise.

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