Tuesday, December 13, 2016

11 making days...

We are down to the wire on making gifts for the Christmas holiday. Taunton press is having an up to 80% off sale on some books. Use the code Taunton1 at checkout, as additional discounts may apply.

We had four 80 lb. pigs in the trap this morning. The key is to get one to go in and the others to follow.

The box shown is one finished by one of my students today. He had used some cedar sanding dust and glue to make a filler where there were gaps and he was pleased with the results. It's a keeper.

The pigs, on the other hand, were killed and removed to be butchered.

Each day, I get emails from woodworking suppliers suggesting things I should buy in order to make. The vast number of specialized tools that are intended to make my creative life easier is enormous.

In the meantime, the law of parsimony suggests that simple is good. If you know the use of simple tools and have them at hand, you can get work done while others are searching through too many drawers and cabinets in search of an over-complicated response.

Make, fix, create, and suggest to others the joy of learning likewise. 

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