Sunday, June 06, 2010

wheels and drawer guides

As usual in the wood shop I have a number of things going on at once, not multitasking, but moving between projects. I will be having a woodshop for community children at the Carnegie Public Library 100th Birthday party in one week, so there are lots of small parts and materials to be prepared for projects. We are expecting over 100 children to attend, many of whom have never done anything like it before in their lives.

I am also continuing work on the small walnut chests of drawers, beginning to rout the drawer guides in the sides as shown in the photo above. I use a spacer which is moved from left to right to control the position of the cut, so that a single setting of stop block positions will allow for routing each pair of matching drawer guides at the various heights along the chest sides. This process must be precise. The photo above shows the bottom most drawer guides, simple grooves routed into the cabinet sides, blind at the back and open on the front edge to provide clearance for the drawers to slide.

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