Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday, Eureka Springs Library!

Today is the 100th Birthday Party for our local Carnegie Public Library. In addition to many other library activities, a woodworking buddy, Glen and I set up with woodworking for kids in the meeting room next door. As you can see in the photo above, we ate cake designed as a replica of our Carnegie Library, and cupcakes and outdoor grilled burgers and hot dogs and a huge quantity of food supplied by local banks. One of our wood shop activities was to make toy cars and some of the kids worked for over an hour, making unusual toy cars and trucks.

The photo below illustrates the process used to shape the drawer pulls for the small walnut chests I've been making... I use a cut off sled with a fence screwed down at the chosen angle. A stop block and clamp hold the pull in place during the series of cuts.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Ingenious jig!
    And a very happy birthday to your library!