Monday, June 14, 2010

Furniture Society, Hand and Mind

This year's Furniture Society Conference is being held in Boston at MIT, and the title of the conference is "Fusions, Minds + Hands Shaping our future." Personally, I would reverse the order, as the human hand is the source of human intelligence. Mind and hand developed simultaneously as a system, given structure and form by the physical properties of the hand.

I'll be presenting with Paul Ruhlman from Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School and Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, Executive Director of the North Bennet St. School on the subject of Sloyd, Friday the 18th. I'll be flying to Boston on Wednesday. Please join us if you can. The image shown is a building on the MIT campus.

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  1. If possible please give us a link to where we might find yours and other talks after the conference.

    Don Boys