Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fine Woodworking Features Sawdust, Oil and Water

Fine Woodworking has taken an interest in my proposal to use sawdust to clean up the gulf oil spill. Do woodworkers hold the key to a quick clean-up of the gulf oil spill?

Today I've been cleaning the wood shops, both here and at school, and still getting ready for the conference in Boston and my Sunday Carnegie Library Birthday Party wood shop for kids. I did have time to cut the top and bottom of the walnut chests of drawers to shape. As you can see from the photo, they are beginning to look lighter in form. Next will be routing and sanding.


  1. Henrique Chaudon4:47 PM

    Dear Doug:

  2. Doug, I was re-watching an old movie and heard a quote I thought you might be able to use. The quote is from 'Bagger Vance', when Bagger is teaching Mr Junah how to find his swing agin, he tells him, " Your brains are getting in the way, your hands know what to d do, don't let your brain interfere."