Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marc Adams School

I am leaving this afternoon for my classes at Marc Adams School of Woodworking and will have more to report as the week unfolds.

And so while I'm on the road, I'll leave you with a couple points to ponder. When things are no longer in control we say they are out of hand. When someone is without understanding we say they are out of touch.

What then can we say about American education?

We know that hands on learning is learning at its very best, and that when someone has learned from his or her own experience, He or she has what he has learned at hand for life. And so, the question arises once again, how do we put the best of learning back in schools? The hands are not just devices to leave hanging in belt loops. They are both tools for success and the means of monitoring implementation. The hands are the keys that unlock the motors of reluctant learners, but also bring equal benefit to all.

Just as the hands can be used to measure physical dimensions, as we witness their implementation we see education at its best. When we see them stilled and silent we are witnesses of isolation, repression, depression and failure. As a counter measure for that circumstance, I prescribe the strategic implementation of the hands.

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  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Have fun at the Marc Adams classes. You are a born teacher.