Saturday, April 03, 2010

once again

Today I am once again competing with the Chinese, and every other highly productive nation that delivers products for sale to the American people. Boxes! I got a large order from the Washington, DC gallery that sells my work, and when what I have in stock goes out the door, I will have significant holes in my inventory. What you see in the photo above, are strips of walnut and linden in the process of being planed to thickness. I start with 1" stock, rip it wider than finished width and re-saw it down the middle into two strips, approximately 7/16" thick.

From these strips, I will cut parts to finished length after discarding sap wood and defects. I assembled these boxes with mortise and tenon joints and they will be like those shown below.

1 comment:

  1. The Chinese believe in producing a "highly perceived" level of quality in their products that will sell well here in the good old USA....and we buy this crap.....Why?.....because so few of us anymore are educated enough to know better.
    What will save future generations?
    Traditional Industrial
    Arts in the public schools.
    Sorry but I had to vent!
    I love your boxes by the way...