Monday, April 26, 2010

Fulbright Senior Specialist Program

The Fulbright Senior Specialist Program is sponsored by the US State Department for the purpose of sharing American expertise and scholarship with foreign universities. Having been approved as a "senior specialist," the United States government will pay for costs related to my service and travel for up to 6 weeks duration.

So how does that work? In order for me to serve, a university would have to ask. I was named to the senior specialist roster two years ago, and will remain on the roster for another 3 years, or until a placement has been made. I am still available. There are a number of things I have to offer and there are a number of ways I can serve a host institution. One of these, of course is to share information about the Wisdom of the Hands program. I can participate in such things as curriculum development, conference participation, short term teaching assignments and more. In addition, I have a great deal of experience in teaching box making and furniture design at an adult level. I still have hopes of taking advantage of this position and the opportunity it offers to share what I have learned.

Information about applying to host a "senior specialist" can be found here. You can download the .pdf flyer here. If you are associated with a non-US university and would be interested in taking advantage of this program and my participation please feel free to contact me using the email link at right.

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  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I really hope this works out for you. You have so much to share.