Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clark & Williams Plane Makers

You will find an article about a great personal friend, Larry Williams, in the current issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Larry and I go way back to the 1970's when we worked together on some projects and competed on others. The planes he makes with partners Bill Clark and Don McConnell are amazing works of useful art. Also, please check out their website.

While in Omaha, My sister Sue and I played furniture detective, examining some of my mother's furniture, trying to learn more about its manufacture and origins. The grandfather clock shown in the photo above is made by New Haven Clock Co. and apparently not uncommon. Fred Taylor of has a book and DVD for those who want to know more about interesting antiques you may own or would like to purchase. Another piece in the collection is a secretary by Eastlake. It was my desk as I was growing up, and I was always intrigued by the pin and cove, or Knapp joint, named after the inventor, Charles B. Knapp of Waterloo, Wisconsin. My students finished their travel journals today and the high school class made great progress today in making an "Ark of the Convenant" for their studies of world religions.

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