Thursday, April 01, 2010

hand written lists?

To do or not to do? That is the question... Whether it is nobler to sit at the sidelines watching life pass by, or to get one's hands dirty in service of others. Is there really any question here? Start by making a list. What do you want to do today?

Blogger, Jackie in Moxie Works thinks a hand written list is best. Try it, or try it in cursive. You will possibly find that it is more fun to write in cursive now that you are no longer in 2nd grade.

Think of your list as art to be left lying around, or inserted in the slot to be enjoyed by others. The boxes shown above were part of an arts installation at Arizona State University, photo courtesy of arts blogger and sloyd devotee, Ellie Richards from her blog, Play. Build. Make..

Don't like lists? You could take a more direct approach. For instance, in the wood shop, my current project remembers right where I left off. The wood knows exactly what I need to do next.

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