Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, 40 years later.

As a student at Hastings College in Nebraska I took part in the first Earth Day celebrations, 40 years ago. It seemed such a glorious thing, that my generation was rising to give earth its due... rising to act against the misuse and abuse by earlier generations. And now I look back in horror at what we have allowed to be done. The promise of those earlier days was squandered.

And yet, I have hopes. There is a simple fix. Plant, fix, make simple things that enhance life and reflect craftsmanship. Care for things; care for each other. Make music and dance. Live, love, and create. When your self-esteem arises through your own creative hands, your need to consume thoughtlessly and needlessly diminishes in direct proportion to your rising competence and confidence.

Happy Earth Day. Make something beautiful.


  1. This is awesome--I read it to my whole family. Thanks!

  2. thank you. earth day can seem so forgetable these days. You write a good reminder of meaning.