Monday, December 14, 2009

Purposeful Engagement of the Hands in Learning

This morning I will present my first webinar and I awakened early thinking about a few last minute rearrangements. I hope some of my regular readers will attend and participate. It will be archived so it can be downloaded and viewed at a later date. You will find your invitation in yesterday's post.

What I offer to education is a rather simple-complex thing. The hands have given shape to every facet of human culture and thus are the key not only to understanding education but for understanding ourselves. If, as was made known to me, I can help others to understand the essential role the hands play in our learning, then the reason for change in educational methodology becomes a no-brainer. It won't necessarily make needed change easy, but the hands will point us in the right direction.

So please join me for a lively presentation and opportunity for discourse.

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