Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday feast

Today we had what we hope will become another Clear Spring School holiday tradition, a holiday feast, this one, today, our first. Students, teachers and parents worked together to prepare a meal. Students decorated the tables and prepared name tags at every place setting. They made the room decorations and each classroom prepared something for the feast. For example, the first second and third grade students supplied the bread and cornbread. It was great fun to gather and share in the spirit of the school. Students told me, "I just can't wait until the Monday we get back." "Why?" I asked. "Woodshop!" they proclaimed in unison. Jade told me, "I just love the way it smells."

And so, our holiday break begins. I'll be doing other things in my own woodshop for the next two weeks. But the time away will pass quickly.

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