Friday, December 25, 2009

at a loss for words...

I usually have a lot to say, but here, on Christmas morning, with two inches of snow and our first white Christmas since 2002, we will be busy with our hands. We will open presents, make our holiday traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls, spend a great deal longer than usual in pajamas... I wish all my readers great good cheer.

Years ago I met a man who had no arms or legs. He was born with severe birth defects, but had managed to build a successful career as a lawyer. He told the story of being in an airport, standing at the urinal on artificial legs. He had used his hooks to unzip, but in the effort the straps of one hook came loose at the elbow and it fell to the floor. Having no way to either pick up his wayward hook, nor zip his pants, he turned to the man standing at the urinal next to him and asked, "can you lend me a hand?"

And so it is for all of us. We need the skilled and sustaining hands of each other. We hold them to make ourselves strong. Our society and our civilization are dependent on our hands, and when we become more conscious of the role they play in our lives, we have greater intellectual resources and capacity. Knowing my friend and what he faces each day gives me greater courage. I will "handle" and open each package with great care and attention, knowing that to do so is a reflection of blessings beyond measure.

May this season of holidays and celebrations bring us all greater hope, courage, compassion, and love.

Happy holidays to all.

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