Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New poll. What is your favorite hands-on metaphor?

According to George Lakoff, metaphor is a means through which to gain insight into the ways we think... how we process information and what our deepest, inner-most values are. You want to know something about man, look at his use of metaphor. Our metaphors describe better who we are than any other means of analysis.

I have explored the idea of metaphor before in the blog. But look at your own use of language. Choose a favorite in the poll at right, or come up with another favorite on your own to share with blog readers. Other languages are fine as long as you can provide translation.


  1. When describing the textural quality of material, you talk about the "hand" of it. A more apt description than the currently awkward "mouth-feel" for describing food.

  2. Patrick, Thanks.

    That gives new meaning to the phrase, hand to mouth, or rather makes me think "hand in mouth." There is a close relationship between the "hand" and how we "feel," in that the same term "feel" is used for both internal and external reality... a textural as well as emotional state.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    My favorite is to "lend a hand" or the request "could you give me a hand?"

  4. Thanks, Larry,
    And you've brought to mind the sailor's cry, "all hands on deck!" and the terms "cow hand," "hired hand," which imply that the whole person is present, not just the hands, and of course a cow hand isn't spotted and doesn't give milk. "Handy" can mean both skilled and available.

  5. I have a bit of a soft spot for the phrase "brand spanking new".

    That *is* a hands on metaphor isn't it? :-)

    It comes in quite *handy* when blogging about naughty U*Us.

  6. "Grasp the moment" best defines how I try to live each day which is nothing less than a miracle in beauty and opportunity. In this fast paced world it's easy to just take life for granted so I constantly remind myself to be grateful. Time is short and I want to concentrate on the things that matter most like learning, exploring, and sharing with others.

  7. John Grossbohlin9:21 PM

    "Hands On" as in being actively involved and engaged in the work.