Friday, November 07, 2008

Today, president-elect Obama had his first press conference and there was a follow-up discussion about ways to get the economy rolling. The WPA and CCC were mentioned.

Years ago, I was provided an apprentice through CETA, which stood for "Comprehensive Employment Training Act". It provided pay for my apprentice to help me in my shop, and after a period of training, my apprentice was provided an allowance for some basic tools. He was able to move from my employment into his own business and worked as a professional cabinet maker for years.

You can imagine what would happen if every artist and craftsman in the US were provided the opportunity to train new craftsmen. Now that we have Bush leaving the White House, many wonderful things may become possible. I took a break from competing with the Chinese to write out one more project variation for the book. I am nearly done!

Now, back to sanding boxes.


  1. Those programs were all such win-win efforts, too. Look what all came out of the WPA and CCC...the Blue Ridge Parkway to name just one! There are few more beautiful places on the east coast...and all made by individuals using their hands. There may be hope yet...

  2. Here in Eureka Springs, we have a large park, 1600+ acres that was formerly a CCC camp. They built pavilions and a large cut-stone dam forming Lake Leatherwood, so the work they did still serves the public. You're right, it is a win-win situation. The work also brought pride and a sense of real accomplishment to the men who worked there.