Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 60th birthday is Saturday. Normally I don't pay much attention to birthdays, but this one seems to catch me at a pivot point in things. Six months ago, I wondered if I could go to Finland and still get my book and DVD completed on deadline. Now, I am back from Finland and have the last of the text and photos submitted for the book. This weekend Gary Junken will be here again to do the last shots and voice-overs for the DVD. And earlier in the week I got my holiday orders filled. My projects are coming to completion at the same time and it opens the door to wonder "what comes next?"

Richard Bazeley described in an email, going for a walk-about as he was planning his lessons for the next day. He discovered the weebill's nest in a Eucalyptus tree. Making discoveries, no matter the size, creates space in the imagination for new things to enter, fresh "insight." So Richard arrived home with plans intact.

I, too, will be going on walk-about as I use my imagination to discover what comes next. When in doubt, there is no better way to discover oneself than to use one's feet.
Is there a connection between sole and soul? Try a walk-about with me and report back. Mine will start Sunday.


  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Happy birthday indeed! I just hit 60 two weeks ago and it's not as painful as I thought it would be, except for the arthritis. Many more! And many more creative ideas.


  2. Mario and Dana,

    Thank you for the wishes.


  3. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Happy Birthday, Doug. You beat me by about 7 months! My 60th will come in June. I have a bit more time to prepare :)