Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Craftsman of the Cumberland

A sign mounted high on the south side of the structure proclaimed in bright orange letters that this was the home of

hand Mad Furniture
Maker of the Cornett Chaires
We make aney thin
or hit cant be mad

This is from the Google book about the chairmaking of Chester Cornett, Craftsman of the Cumberland by Michael Owens Jones.

Joe says, "This is a book about Chester Cornett who measured everything by using his hands, thumbs and fingers and made beautiful Chairs while he was doing Sloyd and didn't know it." Thanks, Joe.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    It's to bad that back in the day Chester didn't have access to the info about Depression that was posted on your 26 NOV 08 entry he was a troubled man.


  2. It is too bad that all people now don't have access to the information about how the use of the hands can alleviate symptoms of depression.

    The challenge is that we have all that other stuff to contend with. We were designed by nature for a hands-on life, physically active in small communities and lots of social support. Strip away the social support, and even the hands aren't enough to maintain emotional balance. It sounds like Chester was a mess in some ways. I've ordered the book and look forward to reading his techniques.