Thursday, November 06, 2008

This morning I listened to a conservative trying to rationalize their drubbing at the polls, claiming that Obama's win had nothing to do with a repudiation of the Bush years and conservatism. It is always amazing to me to hear political pundits running off at the mouth and getting paid for it.

Laura Ingraham on Fox said the following about Sarah Palin... she has the ability to connect with the Joe Plumber types, but also "smart people." Did she really mean that? I really wonder if Laura Ingraham can fix a toilet or unstop a drain or has any sense of the intelligence required to do so?

I am sick and tired of idiots who have no notion of the skill, imagination and intelligence that are required to do real stuff in the world. You can see where Joe the Plumber fits in their political scenario... he's like a wrench you use to twist the electorate into fitting your distorted notions of reality... Are "smart people" like Laura are what we get when the hands are left out of education?

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