Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get busy and make something...

Over the past couple years, I've been telling my readers (you) about the unreality of our economy, the ridiculousness of thinking that MacMansions were reasonable investments, and of course, I was sort of hoping I was completely wrong.

Oh well. During Bush's rush to ill conceived war in Iraq, I was hoping I was wrong about that too... that he knew something that I didn't about how the world works. Being somewhat smart and right about seeing the stupidity of things isn't really a whole lot of fun, but it is the price I pay for being hands-on engaged in reality.

OK, so what do we do now? The first things are to begin saving money and building skill. This Christmas is a great chance. Sure you could do your part to sustain our irrational economy, but if you listen to the experts, you will know that you should be taking steps to protect your family finances.

Plan to make your presents this Christmas. You still have 4 weeks to make things. If you need to spend money, use it to buy the tools and materials you will need to make beautiful things. In the process you may learn that you have skills, talent, and that you can have more fun making things and sharing things you have made than you will find sharing gifts that came from the mall. At this point, I have published 5 books about how to make stuff, ranging from interesting boxes to tables. But with a bit of imagination, you can design and make your own gifts.

This next week, retail businesses are looking forward to black Friday, one of their biggest days. Make it a white Friday, a full of light Friday for yourself and your family. Turn off the TV, make a trip the hardware or lumber store and chart your course to creativity and solvency.


  1. You said it!
    I can't understand how saving money right now could be conceived of as un-american. But that is how the media makes us feel.

    There is nothing un-american about taking care of your family and your future, and certainly nothing wrong with making something as a gift of love for another!

  2. They say that when you heat with wood, it warms you twice. When you give gifts you have made yourself, your spirit is warmed twice. First with the love of making and then with the love of those you make for. And what you give is a memento of your own growth. Can it get any better?