Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been taking beauty shots for the rustic furniture book today, and these are the western cedar tables from chapter one set up in our living room.


  1. As a friend, let me say your home is lovely and warm, and devoid of clutter, much like you.

    As an art director, let me say that I'd like to see the tables as the hero in the shot. One way to do that would be to stage them in a contrasting environment. This could be done with color, lighting, even surface texture. For example, they are so warm and touched by hands, what if they were on a background that was cool and reflective? Just a thought.

    Free advice is usually worth what you pay for it, so you can also go with what you've done. They certainly appear in an environment where someone might really see them. There's merit to that also.

  2. Things aren't as devoid of clutter as you might think. What you see in the photo is life under the guidance of a librarian. My end of things is the wilderness. Without my darling Jean, what you would see in photos would be much more akin to chaos.

    The photos that will be used in the book are taken against a more contrasting background.