Tuesday, October 02, 2018

toy cars and real boats...

Yesterday my students made toy flip cars, as shown. Decorating them is part of the fun.

In addition to teaching classes this week, I am also preparing for a class and presentation for A+ Schools to be held at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts on Saturday.

I have added a couple photos from our trip to the Baltic. One is a photo of me as tourist on the waterfront in Helsinki, and the other is of a classic Colin Archer designed sailboat, SV Vera Violetta, at dockside. All three of these photos will not show up on Facebook, so visit my blog, http://wisdomofhands.blogspot.com to see the full post.

Colin Archer boats are distinctive and recognizable as he had been the designer of the first Norwegian rescue ships like the one I had made a point of visiting in Oslo, RS Stavanger.

I had immediately recognized Vera Violetta as being a Colin Archer boat by the distinctive stem that it shares with RS Stavanger and other noted vessels of Archer design. Research upon returning home confirmed it. Vera Violetta was built in Norway, 1975 as a replica of Colin Archer's much beloved rescue boats and is owned by the Finnish Maritime Rescue Association. It is used for youth training.

The large vessels across the harbor beyond Vera Violetta are Helsinki's icebreakers. They are kept very busy during the winter months. The water between the islands of Helsinki, having a lower salinity than the Atlantic, freezes in winter.

Make, fix and create...

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