Monday, October 08, 2018

A+ plus, plus

I had a great weekend of engagement with A+ Schools, and feel inspired once again to push for our local public schools to join A+. Eureka Springs is, after all, an arts community. Here in this town of about 2,500 we have well over 100 professional artists, and Eureka Springs is known all over the US as a community of the arts.

That should prescribe the course of our public education. Schools should be a reflection of all that's great and noble from their communities. Joining A+ should put things on a better track, as the arts, just like the hands, touch everything. No subject area is immune to enrichment by the various arts.

Today in the wood  shop at the Clear Spring School, we will resume study of whittling in preparation for the elementary school camping trip on Wednesday.

The photo shows some of my students from the weekend class. As part of the weekend fun we were introduced to the shim sham. Try it.

Can it be useful in the classroom? I'm convinced that the eight count facilitates a comfort with mathematics.

Make, fix, create

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