Wednesday, October 03, 2018


The photo shows exquisitely crafted wooden models for the stainless steel manufactured pitchers in the background. I took the photo in the Helsinki Design Museum exhibit representing the work of Finnish designer Timo Sarpeneva.

In addition to the making of wooden things, wood is also useful for the design of other products. In Timo Sarpeneva's glass work, it was particularly interesting how molds for hot glass were made of wet wood and sharp wet sticks were used to form hollow spaces in hot glass sculptural forms.

Today our finished soccer goals were moved to the field next door to Clear Spring School that we acquired over the summer. Having a place for in town soccer (football) will be a great thing for the children of our community, and may also be a draw for new students to our school. For me to see the soccer goals in use offered a sense of pride.

Years ago, soccer first introduced to Eureka Springs and Carroll County through the Clear Spring School. We are poised for a rematch.

Today in the school wood shop, elementary school students will practice whittling in advance of their fall camping trip next week.

Make, fix and create...

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