Sunday, January 14, 2018

Up to my ears in guitars...

My publisher returned the guitars I had sent for photography but for one guitar which he bought  from me as a souvenir of the project. I now have more box guitars than I know what to do with. I will be trying to find homes for some. It will be difficult to decide which to sell or which to keep or whether to make a clean breast of things and clear the deck and mind for fresher work.

Yesterday in the ESSA wood shop, with volunteers we rebuilt an important part of the dust collection system, which had been hastily assembled last year to get us up and rolling for the first classes. We've learned a bit since those early days, as we will each year. We also installed pegboard and began arranging tools in the bench room with tool holders that I designed and that Dan assembled last week.

We expect to have a film crew in the ESSA wood shop on the 23rd. I'll be in Rochester, NY next weekend so this weekend is my best chance of getting the shop ready and in top shape.

I am grateful for my volunteers, Suzanne, Bill, Bob, Gilles, Steve, Becky and Cliff.

I am often surprised at how small a world this is. I was looking for plastic drums to use for gathering sawdust in the ESSA wood shop, and went looking for them on Criagslist. I tried to text a seller, and discovered that my phone recognized the phone number as belonging to a fellow ESSA board member. The plastic drums are now to be donated to the school and all I need to do is pick them up and get them ready for use.

My returned  guitars are shown in the photo.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning likewise.

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