Sunday, October 08, 2017

Viking chest...

I've started playing with a prototype for a "Viking" tool or treasure chest. Blacksmith Bob Patrick is going to make the hinges and hasp for it. Bob, having just returned home from teaching at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, will begin the hardware this week.

The idea is to hold an ESSA class in which students will spend two days making the chest, two days making the hardware for it, and on the final day, everything will come together in collaboration. It will be a way that the black smith shop and woodworking studio can work together, and students can say, "I made the whole thing."

Our hope is that it will lure blacksmiths into woodworking, and woodworkers into blacksmithing, and lead to greater confidence for all.

 A leading Apple designer of the iPhone said in an interview that it is being abused. What is that abuse? He said it mainly involves "constant use." People are addicted to technology that leaves them disengaged from the real wonders that surround them. What are those wonders? You will not find them on google.

Make, fix, create, and enlist others in learning lifewise.

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