Sunday, October 22, 2017

Scarf joints...

On Monday I'll order the 9 mm. Meranti plywood for building Bevins Skiffs at the Clear Spring school (starting) in December. In order to have sides and a bottom for each boat of sufficient length, I am making a scarfing jig for the router that will allow the necessary scarf joints to be cut. I also ordered a router bit that I believe will work just right with the jig I designed.

The jig is clamped to the plywood sheets, and supports the router at just the right angle to trim the edges of two pieces at a time to a one to eight inch slope.  After it is assembled I'll cut a channel in the sides so it can follow a guide screwed to the plywood and be aligned across the full width of a plywood sheet. The jig is a refinement and adaptation of one I saw on

Other that that, I've little to say that I've not said before.  On my blog,, I have nearly 5,000 published posts at this point, each one saying nearly the same thing, from slightly different angles. We develop in skill, character, and intelligence, and act in support of human culture, family and community when our hands are central to learning.

I repeat myself, knowing full well that the world at large will likely not listen, and may likely not understand without having taken time to observe personally the relationship between the hands, the heart and the intellect. And yet, the hands are essential to our humanity and will continue to have their effect, whether we are conscious of them or not.

Make, fix, and create.

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