Friday, October 13, 2017

hand forged hardware.

I received a hasp, hinges, handles and nails from blacksmith Bob Patrick, to fit on the oak Viking chest I started last week. Now it's up to me to finish the chest and take photos for a summer class.

Today I have high school students only, as my middle school and elementary school students are off and recovering from their camping trip. Teachers, too, are recovering with a day off.

I am studying the use of a router to cut scarf joints in plywood, in preparation for building Bevins skiffs. The material comes in 8 foot lengths, and 12 foot is required.

The photo shows the array of hand forged hardware items I received in yesterday's mail.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the opportunity to learn lifewise.


  1. If you have one, Boat builders generally use an electric plane for scarf joints in plywood:

  2. Hi Doug
    The Bevins skiff project has long been on my wish list.
    I think it makes for a fantastic project with children or families.


  3. Thanks Sylvain, for the link.I can make a simple router jig to guide the cutting that I hope will take a bit less skill.

    Jonas, I hope you get to build one. Living where you do, the materials will be easy to come by. And what could be better than building a boat with your kids? Maybe building two.