Tuesday, July 18, 2017

turning the world around.

This week at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, we have a class with Judy Ditmer. She is a nationally known woodturner who has written for a variety of publications and we are pleased to have her teaching here.

A person standing at a lathe is not just making an object, but is also transforming self in the spirit of craftsmanship.

I listened to a report yesterday speculating on the return of manufacturing in America. Manufacturers are are finding too few persons interested. Too few have an understanding of what it takes to build a quality product. And so we wonder when educational policy makers will begin to connect the dots.

Schooling must not be about reading and math alone, but must also help students find joy in making real things in service of family and community.

I have been continuing to order things needed for equipping the new wood shop, and yesterday I ordered lamps to fit each of our 9 Robust lathes. I had felt that the lathe room has been just a bit dark, but the spot lights at each lathe will not only brighten the place but also make each lathe station a stage for performance art.

Today, In addition to working on the article about making a box guitar, I'll be preparing for my week long class making pocket boxes.

Make, fix, create, and share what you learn so that others may learn likewise.

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