Sunday, July 16, 2017


I am home from the Stowe family reunion in Montana, and I'm ready to finish making a couple box guitars for an article in Woodcraft Magazine. I will also begin getting ready for a class at ESSA making pocket boxes. I expect to see review files for my box guitar book soon, and I am also getting ready for a class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking beginning August 7. There are still openings in the class in Connecticut.

A few photos from my trip are as follows:
  1. A view from the wooden vessel DeSmet, while on a tour of MacDonald Lake. 
  2. A view of MacDonald Lake with standing dead trees from the forest fire of 2003.
  3. My daughter standing on the Continental Divide on the trail to Hidden Lake.
  4. The Road to the Sun.
  5. A typical view in the Glacier National Park.
The DeSmet is one of the fleet of old wooden tour boats still kept operable on the lakes of Glacier National Park.  These wonderful boats were featured in Wooden Boat Magazine last year. It was lovely being in Glacier National Park and seeing the number of young families getting a taste of wilderness.

Make, fix, create and introduce children to the wonderful world of nature and of real things.

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