Monday, July 17, 2017

almost done

I am attending to the final details on the box guitar for Woodcraft Magazine. The bit of blue tape is to glue down a chip that was coming loose. The steel plate for attaching the strings is ready to attach after the finish is applied.

The point of this guitar is that it can be quickly made and still worthy of play. The more you make the better you get at it, and by applying yourself over a period of time, and adding just a bit to your knowledge as you go, some degree of mastery can be attained.

Choose a worthy goal for yourself. Apply yourself over time. The goal may be in music, the culinary arts, gardening or in the tactile arts and visual arts.

In a comment on an earlier post, Kim Brand described giving a work bench to his grandson. He had not realized how important having a creating space of his how might be to his grandson's level of enthusiasm. Kim further described how the neighbor children now come to watch his grandson's creative efforts.  A bench vise might be a good addition.

Years back, following a presentation I made on the Wisdom of the Hands at the Craft Organization Development Association meeting, an artist told me of having purchased woodworking tools for her grandson. Her daughter-in-law would not let them in the house. She was concerned her son would make a mess and damage the furniture. So she had chosen instead to make a mess of her son's life.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning likewise.

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