Sunday, July 30, 2017

Gordon and Wenonah Fay Holl

A collection of works gathered by friends is featured at the Historic Arkansas Museum in downtown Little Rock.  Gordon & Wenonah Fay Holl: Collecting a Legacy will be on display at the museum until February 2018. Anyone interested in the arts of Eureka Springs, should plan to attend. Gordon and Wenonah Fay Holl were introduced to me by Louis and Elsie Freund, well known artists of Eureka Springs at sometime during the 1980's or early 90's.

The Holls would stop by my booth to visit at the Arkansas Craft Guild's Christmas craft show in Little Rock each year. They accumulated a large and eclectic collection of arts that were then donated to the Historic Arkansas Museum. At the heart of their collection are works by Louis and Elsie Freund, artists who had a profound impact on the arts and artists of my own community of Eureka Springs.

The Holls and their collection serve as a reminder that one needs not be an artist in order to encourage the arts. I cannot remember if Gordon or Wenonah ever bought anything from me and that is not the point. Their  encouragement of craftsmen and artists in our work left a lasting impression.

I want to thank my wife, Jean for having discovered and alerted me to this exhibit.

Make, fix, create, and forge a lasting legacy in the arts.

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