Thursday, April 13, 2017

travel journals, and rusty new stuff.

My high school students have been finishing their travel journals and will go to Kansas City on Monday and then go by train to Philadelphia for a week of study. Their hand made travel journals are an important part of preparation for this trip. Their journals  reflect their own interests, and what they hope to get from their travels. Some will be kept for many years in remembrance of what they've learned.

My first, second and  third grade students have also become interested in making simple hand sewn books. What they see, they want to make for themselves.

Today the head of ISACS will visit the Clear Spring School, and as you can see, hardware has arrived for completing my tool box. These simple, purposely rusted hinges, hasp and handles are made in India, but are very much like what one might have found made in an earlier day in the local blacksmith's shop. I applied a coat of paste wax to protect them from more rust, and to achieve a nice rusty brown color.

Make, fix, create, and improve the chances of others learning likewise.

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