Sunday, April 16, 2017

in the image of the creator

My tool chest is complete except for applying two coats of Danish Oil. I added a turn button to keep the drawer shut during transport, then a lift out tray and straps to keep the lid from opening too far.

It is heavy and rather robust despite being made of thin wood but I am pleased with how it turned out. The type of construction used will make certain it lasts for generations.

A friend asked how I can use such a lovely box for tools. "It will get beat up," he says. But what else could I use it for? Being made gives meaning to the maker. Being used and being useful gives meaning to the object.

I marvel at how addictive the work of making useful things can be. On the day of Easter "Resurrection" as Christians are celebrating an important day of faith, the questions comes up, Were we "created in God's image?" as they say, or on the other hand, have we created our concept of God the creator in recognition of our own power?  In either case, human beings when seen in their best light are creative.

There is something magical or spiritual when we join in the process of creation. To make a tool chest is not quite as profound as making a flower, but human beings from our earliest days should be encouraged to make beautiful and useful things and to thus be of some service to family, community and self.

The most interesting thing is that a man can spend a few minutes each day and in the course of a week, make a useful object that can last for a lifetime or more.

In addition to work on the tool box, I've nearly completed my first large turned bowl from green wood. More sanding will be required, and as it dries, it will take a slight oval shape due to being turned from green wood.

Make, fix, create, and increase the opportunity for others to learn likewise.

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