Friday, April 14, 2017

A near completed cherry tool box...

My cherry tool box is nearly complete. I added forged steel hardware with a rusted finish, as you can see in the photo.

The turned shaker style knob may not fit the overall character of the box, yet. I expect the tool box to darken significantly in time to match the color of the knob.

After this photo was taken, I added a turn button to lock the drawer so it does not slide open during transport, and I added a hand forged iron padlock that I purchased in a flea market in Stockholm in 2006.

Today at the Clear Spring School, the last of my high school students will finish their travel journals, prior to their departure on Monday for Kansas City, Missouri, and then by train to Philadelphia.

Yesterday at the Clear Spring School, we were visited by the head of our accreditation association, ISACS. Our first, second and third grade students were studying weight and balance using a balance scale in the classroom, and noticed that the new see saw that we'd made could be used the same way.

They weighed two bean bag chairs using  the see saw as their scale after first guessing which was heavier, the red or the blue. The red bag won, though the difference between them could have been no more than ounces, and the students and teacher, having carried the lesson outside on a beautiful day, will always remember more about weight and balance, as they were doing real things.

Make, fix, create, and take greater part in the beauty that surrounds you.

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