Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Unseasonably warm

It is unseasonably warm here in Arkansas. We've had little in the way of winter. My supply of firewood for the wood stove is largely untouched. In the meantime, the incoming trump administration promises to limit the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency, dispense with clean energy regulations, and thereby promise much more of the global warming that threatens the whole world.

One of the basic purposes of incorporation is to limit liability to investors allowing the corporations in which they invest to do massive damage without the investors being held accountable beyond the value of their investments. So when corporations do bad things with enormous effect, the burden falls on the poor, the environment, and the tax payer. Despite what Republicans claim, governmental regulations are a very good and necessary thing that should be strengthened, not made lax.

My wife suggests that I keep the blog non-political. On the other hand, part of my mission here is to promote hands-on learning AND the protection of the natural environment in which trees play such a huge role in protecting life. Global warming has disastrous effects on our forests and deliberate efforts to lie about it, and reverse progress in combating it must be addressed.

I can not sit by while an illegitimately elected president pushes an agenda that is directly destructive of our forests and our trees. It appears to my friends outside the US that Americans went crazy in electing donald trump. I concur. A majority of persons in our nation oppose the man, and will continue to do so. A friend from Norway expressed his concern as follows: "Commiserations on your new president. What can I say, I am still 'gobsmacked' that he was elected, but then, was he, really?" And there's the rub. The man was elected by the slimmest of margins with the head of the FBI's thumb pressed on the scale, and with interference by Russia, a power hostile to the US.

And yet life goes on. Today at the Clear Spring School, my high school students will begin working to stabilize the garden fence under my instruction. Some will be finishing their Shaker boxes.

Make, fix, create, and extend toward others the proclivity to learn likewise.

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