Thursday, January 19, 2017

diverse interests – exceptional possibilites.

Outgoing U.S. Education Secretary America, John B. King Jr. said:
Finally, we must recognize that the growing diversity of our people is an asset, not a liability, and support diverse schools. Diversity helps more children succeed, broadens their perspectives, and prepares them for the global workforce.

I am convinced the growing conflicts in this country over race, religion, and language would be profoundly reduced if our children learned and played alongside classmates who are different from themselves and if they encountered diverse teachers and leaders in their schools.
In support of Kings' remarks, there are some structural changes that must be made in schools to be able to sustain diversity and diverse interest. First is class size. No teacher with 20-25 students or more in a class can provide for diverse student interests to be cultivated and met. Second, we must firmly reject the teach to the test mentality that is destroying education and stifling diversity and student interest.

Adding hands-on real subjects would be a no-brainer, not meaning that the brains are not required, but that anyone with a brain would not question the need for hands-on learning. We need to restore the arts, music, laboratory science, home economics and more, and then make direct attacks of each of the academic subjects, seeing that they too are taught hands-on.

I wanted in the photos at left and above, to simply show my lovely walnut workbench.

Make, fix, create and offer the opportunity to others that they may learn to love learning likewise.

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  1. Not sure if you checked into any of the confirmation hearing for the potential new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos? She stated during the hearing that "...craftsmanship is not a fallback but a noble pursuit." and also "...all students are unique, learn differently, and excel at their own pace." Maybe this is one area of the new administration where we can all actually see some light.