Wednesday, January 18, 2017

shaker boxes and guitars...

Yesterday morning my high school students worked on their Shaker boxes and are nearing the finish of the project. Their work is not perfect, but what is? It takes doing the same thing over again and sometimes again to refine one's work. Despite having made thousands of boxes, I've still room for growth.

I received a nice note from a gentleman in the UK dying of cancer, who asked that I send a signed photo to his caregiver friend who is a fan of my work and an avid box maker. I am sending a book instead. The note was so thoughtful, and I am choosing to live my life in a counter-trumpian universe, unfettered by xenophobia, racism and divisiveness, and in which people speak kindly of each other.

Donald trump, it appears, was elected at least in part by those seeking an unfettered right to be ugly in speech and deed toward those who may be slightly different in some way from themselves.

Where some build walls, you and I must build bridges instead. It's not a matter of being politically correct. It is a simply a matter of being purposefully kind and respectful toward each other in order to build a better nation.

I am also finishing my guitars so that they can be shipped to the publisher for taking cover photographs. I figure I'll have to ship about 12-15 of them in a very large box.

This morning, my middle school students will work on the lathe.

If you are on facebook, you can find me there, too. If you've not visited my new website, Check it out. 

Make, fix, create, and delight in helping others learn likewise.


  1. Hi Doug.

    I couldn't get the link to your new homepage to work. But if it is like any other thing that you do, I am sure it is well thought out and neatly made :-)
    My father had scoured his tool crates and found a Nääs gouge that I got for Christmas.
    I forgot to take a picture of the handle for you, I think it is the original handle.


  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the gouge with original handle. What a great dad you have!