Monday, January 16, 2017

holiday challenge...

Entry 1. Alan Johnson
This year at Marc Adams School of Woodworking I announced the second holiday challenge in which students were to attempt to earn prizes by submitting photos of boxes they made after the class and using what they had learned in the class.

Eighteen students were invited to compete, and three submitted entries. That's convenient, because there are three prizes, and each entry is a winner.

Entry 2. David Hoffman
We decided to make the contest this year a non-trumpian equal opportunity affair in which the winners would be selected by drawing. This helps me to avoid judgment and simply appreciate and reward those who carry on and use what they have learned. In any case, however, each did excellent work that each may be proud of, with or without external rewards.

David Hoffman (open)
Robin Mistry
Robin certainly deserves an award for most productive, if I were to award one.

The actual assignment of awards will be made by random number generator later in the day. The selection could be made by putting three numbers in a box.

Today I am off from school as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday.

Make, fix, create, and delight in observing others learn likewise.

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