Saturday, August 20, 2016


Froebel's gift number 7 was offered in several variations. And each gave the child the lovely opportunity to begin drawing with concrete forms. The tablets in various triangular shapes and in a square form could be arranged in forms reminiscent to those Froebel had witnessed both in nature and through his time working in the mineralogical laboratory of Christian Samuel Weiss.

It would make sense from a mineralogical standpoint to see how various shapes of triangle might lead to various types of form, as each type does lend itself to distinctive designs. The image above shows the use of equilateral triangles, and yesterday's post shows the use of acute triangles with two equal sides.

We captured another large hog in the trap last night, and I'm staying away from it until the hog has been dispatched. He crashes against the side of the trap with a tremendous amount of force, so I am attempting to avoid unnecessary agitation. We found someone to take the meat.

Make, fix, create, and offer an example that others may be inspired to love learning likewise.

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