Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This morning I take my shovel to the Eureka Springs School of the Arts for a groundbreaking ceremony. The earthwork has already begun leveling the ground for the new wood shop, but we are going to take the time for a photo op to help with publicity for the major new addition to our school campus.

We are also meeting at the Clear Spring School to plan the coming school year, and I have been going through edits for my book on making Froebel's gifts. Naturally, we find a few things missing and a few things that must be fixed, as that's part of the process.

We seem to have been victorious for the time being in our efforts to remove feral hogs. We have had no further sightings of hogs since removal of the 12 feral piglets, and they are being raised in confinement on a small farm to the south of town. Getting out to check the trap each morning is a delight still.

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood through your example that others learn to love learning likewise.

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