Thursday, December 17, 2015

a simple approach

I am at work on my second guitar in this series, and the photo shows the simple way in which the neck is attached to the body of the guitar. In fact, the whole construction is relatively simple. I've made the sides of the box with nails and 1/2 in.  thick strips cut from 2 x 4 lumber. In the photo I'm using spring clamps to hold the back to the sides. A long screw is used to attach the neck and then two smaller screws are used to keep the neck from twisting and to provide additional strength. You can see that I don't trust the softwood to have enough strength to hold the screws, so I have used an oak block glued to the inside.

Once the front of the guitar has been glued in place, additional strength is gained. With the relatively wide stock glued to the panels at front and back, some resistance to twisting and warping results. You can see the faint line down the front panel of the guitar that I've used to make certain that the design of the front matches the placement of strings.

Today is a performance day at Clear Spring School and our last day of school before the winter holiday break.

We've but 8 days of making time before Christmas. but it is better to give something you've made yourself late, than to buy and give meaningless stuff. When you make it, it gives three times. First it gives you pleasure and skill in the making. Then it gives pleasure to the person you made it for. Then it gives again, as your community is enriched by the skills and caring of its inhabitants. If you want to buy a wooden box, go to my Etsy store.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the joy of learning likewise.

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