Monday, January 26, 2015

tools and tool boxes...

My first and second grade students are very interested in having their own tools to keep at home, so this week I plan to have them make wooden mallets (a project they requested) and a tool box to keep small tools in. So today I will prepare the materials. I'll use pine 1 x 6's for the bottoms and ends, hardwood octagonal pieces for the handles and resawn 2x4 stock for the sides. Resawing the sides at 7/16 in. will make the tool boxes lighter in weight, easier to nail, and less expensive to build. Along with the tool boxes when they are sent home, I'll send  a list of tools that the parents might buy to allow the child to do "homework." That will give me the excuse to develop a resource list for the blog. Some of the additional tools we can make in wood shop.

A reader asked about the bench hook used in my video on making sloyd trivets.

The illustration I provided Woodwork Magazine for their article is shown above. You may click on it to see it in a larger size.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. chris5:01 PM

    I just cleaned up a Miller's Falls egg beater drill for my niece. They're the original cordless drill, kids love using them (as do I), and they were so well-made that there's still plenty to be found for under $20. What I love seeing is the look on her face as she watches the gears mesh and solves the mystery with her own senses. Pro-tip: if you can find a model that stores the bits in the handle, the fun is multiplied.