Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 B of use

We have certainly become a nation of idiots as we pressure children to read at ever earlier ages despite their lack of developmental foundation for it. Defense of the Early Years and Alliance for Childhood have come out with a new report on the damages that are being inflicted on our Kindergarten kids by current practices. Reading in Kindergarten: Little to Gain and Much to Lose.

So what are children to do in Kindergarten if not learning to read? How about learning to get along with each other, and how about learning to work together and be creative members of community life? But then that might be dangerous to our economy in which mindless consumption of the Earth's resources is required.
"When children have educational experiences that are not geared to their developmental level or in tune with their learning needs and cultures, it can cause them great harm, including feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and confusion."
Read the report in the link above and tell me if we have not become a nation of idiots. In Finland, they start reading at age 8 and by the time children are tested at age 15 in PISA testing, they beat American readers in 30% less time. Does that not make you want to scream?

Today at CSS, my first grade students will learn the values of craftsmanship and community. They are studying what it means to be creative and responsible members of society. 2 B of use. The photo above shows a simple way to chuck a pen blank at the drive end of a lathe.

Make, fix and create...


  1. Congratulations, Doug, to you and the Eureka Springs community, for standing up to Goliath.

    And I appreciate your sharing of the article and your insights about early childhood learning.

    Makes me want to come live in Eureka Springs, but at least to come visit.


  2. Balazs, I would love to see you here again in Eureka. Thanks for reading.