Saturday, January 31, 2015

fingerjointing boxes and small chests...

This morning in the wood shop I made a new jig for routing over-sized finger joints for large boxes and small chests. It is simply made and works on the order of the Gifkins Jig. The matching parts are mounted on opposite sides of the body of the jig, and a router bit with guide bearing follows the shape of the fingers. If the fingers are cut uniformly and mounted squarely to the body of the jig, the parts fit perfectly to each other. You can see the results. These finger joints are 7/8 in. wide and are cut with a 3/4 in. router bit. The jig will accurately join boards as wide as 15 in.

On the subject of education, I learned that this blog is being used as a resource for a course on the history of manual and technical arts training. The course site for that upper level class is a great resource page for those of us who share a common interest in allowing manual arts to be restoreded in our nation's schools. The course is at Ball State University and maintained by professor Richard Seymour. TEDU 690.

Make, fix and create...

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