Thursday, January 29, 2015


I wanted to make wooden squares for those students who want them for their tool boxes. These are easy to make by cutting a slot mortise on the end of a block of wood for the blade to fit. It is important to use a very accurate square to check to make sure the blade is aligned squarely in the slot as it is glued in place.

Is this as useful as a factory made steel square? It can be, and its light weight means that if it is dropped, it is not as likely to hurt a toe, or bend from impact with the hard floor. The great thing of course is that it costs almost nothing, and students can help in the making of it.

Today in the wood shop, some of my students worked on the lathe, and a new student was able to turn wood for the first time. One made a tool box for his father. His dad is a nurse, and like carpenters, he has his necessary set of tools. What working father could ask for a more thoughtful gift?

Make, fix and create...

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