Monday, November 03, 2014

weather instruments...

Students at the Clear Spring School have finished their study of ornithology and are beginning to study weather. There are at least three easy instruments that we can make in wood shop.

In years past we made weather vanes, and we may do that again with the younger kids. Tomorrow we will make rain gauges and wooden hygrometers. The wooden hygrometer is based on the differential expansion of wood, along and across its grain. Wood expands and contracts in response to the humidity in the environment, so we will take some wood that is cut across the width of a wide board and glue it to a strip of wood with the grain running at a right angle. As the cross grained wood expands and contracts, the long grain wood bends, and various humidity levels can be recorded to correspond with readings from a more accurate hygrometer.

We will also print our last set of student designed legos.™

In my wood shop, I have begun sanding the 120 boxes for my special corporate gifts order.

Make, fix and create...

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